In the spring of 1999 Dr. John Hubely, a Professor of Greek and Hebrew began meeting privately with a few men to challenge and encourage them in the study of Biblical Praise and Worship. In the fall of 2007 Worship Leaders from the Phoenix area met together to discuss the area of Biblical Praise and Worship and hence was birthed Worship Leaders Network.  Within a few months over 40 churches began responding in a desire to better equip themselves in Biblical Praise and Worship.

In 2011 the challenge is to reach more Worship Leaders by providing regular meetings and training seminars to further teach, lead, guide and help direct leaders in Biblical Praise and Worship.

We encourage you to make a commitment to join us in order to gain further training as well as be available to train and mentor others who have been called to this ministry of Praise and Worship.



Worship Leaders Network is a nonprofit organization that depends on chraitable gifts and donations of ministry partners. Worship Leaders Network is a 501C3 under Under United Charitable Programs. Thanks you for your support.


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